Long conference calls and many hours in front of the computer screen. Bugatti has suspended production of its vehicles such as the Chiron and Divo in Molsheim but, despite this, many employees continue to work from home. Among them is Achim Anscheidt, Design Director at Bugatti since 2004. “I coordinate my work and the one done by my design team as best as I can from my home in Berlin,” explains Achim Anscheidt.

This involves many teleconferences, as is currently common practice almost everywhere. So that his creative work does not suffer because of the technical aspects of the work, Anscheidt actively gives space to creative thinking and work in his small studio. “For me, this is both a retreat and a source of inspiration. Here I can try out new lines, think about new themes and develop new ideas,” explains Achim Anscheidt.

As far as possible, Achim Anscheidt currently draws inspiration from the people he meets – keeping the necessary distance – to exchange ideas. His circle of acquaintances in Berlin includes artists, musicians and freelancers who publish their creative work on social media. The creative design process is also very human because it is often based on direct exchanges with colleagues. It is important to show ideas without reservation, even at the risk of making mistakes. “Design does not develop according to an Excel spreadsheet. On the contrary, there are times when you really only have to trash that Excel spreadsheet. Responding to this challenge using only Skype for Business is not easy,” he says.

For modeling and creating virtual studies with clean lines and proportions, the work at Bugatti also relies on technology. The technical 3D visualization equipment has remained in the design studio. “We are working intensively on the design of current and future vehicles, but at the moment we are unable to use the highly efficient VR glasses. That is why we think every day about how to work in a targeted manner, even with this handicap,” explains Anscheidt.