A small vehicle for urban micromobility that can be shared for people’s small daily trips. Mole Urbana, the quadricycle designed by the Turin designer Umberto Palermo, was born with this intent, with squared and particular shapes a bit retro. “I didn’t want to design a miniature car, but a system that can be integrated into the city, which is shaped by new needs. I want to define Mole Urbana as one that moves people integrated into the world of transport, from public transport to car sharing”, says Palermo.

Mole Urbana is available in three versions: the Small, 3.2 metres long, 1.49 wide and 1.4 high, will have two seats, the Medium, 3.4 metres long, 1.49 wide and 1.4 high, will have a passenger compartment for three people and finally the Large, 3.7 metres long by 1.49 wide and 1.20 high, which can also accommodate three people but has more space for luggage. The battery packs are modular and, depending on the version chosen, have an autonomy ranging from 75 to 150 kilometers for a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

The steering wheel is a cloche like that of an airplane, the seats are high, the dashboard is made of pressed cardboard cells where you can comfortably store objects and shopping bags. In addition, the cars will have an electric scooter for each occupant, for a more complete use in urban centers, which is recharged through the dynamo connected to the wheels of the quadricycle.

According to the design house, the first prototypes are already ready and the intention is to produce 50 Mole Urbana by this year, 150 in 2021, 200 in 2022 and 300 in 2023. The quadricycles will be built by Pretto, a company working for Piaggio, Dongfeng and Isuzu, while distribution and rental will be entrusted to Movim, a long-term rental company.